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I am using fog library to create instances in AWS, while creating the instances I am also attaching EBS volumes to the instances like this:

server = conn.servers.new(:image_id => 'ami-XXXXX',
                          :flavor_id => 'm1.medium',
                          :keyname => 'secret123',
                          :groups => 'gourp123',
                          :block_device_mapping => [

Now, I have to format the volumes that are being attached using net-ssh, I noticed that using server.wait_for { ready? } does not help as it waits until the server gets into running state and returns back. Which is not a reliable method to format the partitions as the volumes might not have been mounted yet!

So I found another option which is to wait for the console output of the instance to get back using: server.wait_for { console_output.body['output'] =~ /^cloud-init boot finished/ } and then format the volumes, which is getting the job done for now. But the console_output takes a very long time to come back.

Is there any better/reliable way of making sure the volumes are mounted and ready for partitioning?

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