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I am learning about ANNs, and I'm writing a python script as I learn.

I am trying to write a neural network to map the input vector [X1, X2] to X1.

[1, 0] -> 1,
[0, 0] -> 0,
[0, 1] -> 0

The problem I am having now is that as I run the back-propagation, the output will stay around the same area (0.4 to 0.6) and doesn't approach the correct output.

Here's my script (main file is ann.py)

Here's what I ended up using to write this script:

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Not that it matters to anyone else really, but I figured it out! It was in ANN.adjustWeights(). During the weight adjustment phase, I was building an array of new_weights and applying them only AFTER I computed all new_weights, when I should have been applying the new weight to each synapse immediately after its computation.

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