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I have initialized several variables in the global scope in a Javascript file:

var moveUp, moveDown, moveLeft, moveRight;
var mouseDown, touchDown;

I need to set all of these variables to false, this is the code I currently have:

moveUp = false;
moveDown = false;
moveLeft = false;
moveRight = false
mouseDown = false;
touchDown = false;

Is there any way that I can set all of these variables to the same value in one line of code, or is the code I currently have the best way to do this

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Nothing stops you from doing

moveUp = moveDown = moveLeft = moveRight = mouseDown = touchDown = false;

Check this fiddle:

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You may want to comment how the behavior will differ primitive types and reference types when assigning values the way you suggest. –  Steven Wexler Jun 7 '13 at 4:31
Yeah, if doing this with an object, all the variables will be aliases of the object. I.E function MyObj(){this.x=1} var a,b; a = b = new MyObj(); ++a.x will also increment the b.x property. –  AlexMorley-Finch Mar 10 at 9:33
Scoping problems! stackoverflow.com/questions/1758576/… –  doublejosh May 13 at 19:36

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