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I have this markup here and I wish to add a simple check to see if the user has selected a size. I am using the jQuery validation plugin I am not sure the best way to go about this. I can't change the markup because it's part of a custom cms.

        <form class="product-details">  
        <select class="w80 valid" id="mysize" required="required" title="Please select size!" name="mysize">
           <option value="11071">Select Size</option>
           <option value="11079">S</option>
           <option value="11080">M</option>
           <option value="11081">L</option>
           <option value="11082">XL</option>
           <option value="11089">XXL</option>
        <button type="submit">Add</button>

I know the logic would be something like this in vanilla jQuery:

        ( function($) {

           $(function (){  
                 var mySize = $('#mysize');
                 var firstOption = mySize.find('option').first().val();
                 var userOption = mySize.find(':selected').val();
                 if( firstOption === userOption ) {
                    // fail
                    return false;
                    // trigger some error.

        } ) ( jQuery );

So how to use jQuery validate to do something similar.

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    jQuery.validator.addMethod( 'notequals', function(value, element, param){
        return value != param;
    } , 'Please select a valid value')

        rules: {
            mysize: {
                notequals: $('#mysize').find('option').first().val()

Demo: Plunker

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Oh adding a new validation method AddMethod was the key. Thanks Arun! – Simon Jun 7 '13 at 4:22

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