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First off, I think I've been to every website and forum there is that's discussing this issue and I've tried many different things. I'm at my wits end. This is the dumbest thing and I just want to start coding again!

I'm using Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Desktop. I have a x64 project I'm trying to run in Debug mode using the local windows debugger. The only external library I'm using is that of which is required to run DX11.

I attempt to run my program and it freezes. A window pops up saying "A remote operation is taking longer than expected."

I click Terminate and another window pops up asking if I'd like to terminate the remote session. Why yes, I would.

Then it says, "Unable to start program (my path leading to my .exe). The network connection to the Visual Studio Remote Debugger has been closed."

To my understanding, because Visual Studio itself is a 32 bit application, it needs to use the Remote Debugger to compile to x64. Is that correct?

Regardless, I'm still failing to see where that would break down. I've ran several repairs on VS and upgraded to Service Pack 2 (or 1, whichever is the latest).

I've ran a windows repair and uninstalled any VMWare type stuff on my computer. I'm not using a VPN.

I've even copied msvsmon.exe from my laptop (working instance of the project) over to this computer and still no luck.

I'm about ready to Nuke my OS and do a clean install on everything. sigh

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Found the problem. It wasn't Windows Firewall like other threads describe. It was my internet filter. I guess it decided to try and block msvsmon.exe because it was using the network. Adding it, along with WDExpress.exe to the application exceptions list did the trick.

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i was trying to fix it with firewall and your answer reminded me that i have installed an internet filter app for testing which was causing this issue. –  Waqas Jan 17 at 6:32

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