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i am trying to pull user's documents data from google docs using oauth, but i cannot understand how to do it
- what's the purpose of oauth_verifier
- how to get the access token secret?
- if i try to use DocsService below, then i have a "server error"
- is there a clear tutorial for this? i cannot find any atm..

    String oauth_verifier = req.getParameter("oauth_verifier");
	String oauth_token = req.getParameter("oauth_token");
	String oauthtokensecret = req.getParameter("oauth_token_secret");

	GoogleOAuthParameters oauthparam = new GoogleOAuthParameters();
	oauthparam.setOAuthConsumerKey("consumer key");

	OAuthHmacSha1Signer signer = new OAuthHmacSha1Signer();
	GoogleOAuthHelper oauthhelper = new GoogleOAuthHelper(signer);
	String accesstoken = "";
	String accesstokensecret = "";

	try {
		accesstoken = oauthhelper.getAccessToken(oauthparam);
		accesstokensecret = oauthparam.getOAuthTokenSecret();

// DocsService client = new DocsService("yourCompany-YourAppName-v1"); ...

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These may not be what you are looking for, since they are OAuth-specific and not google-related, but I found these "Getting started" articles very helpful:

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Turns out that I need to get the oauth_token_secret and reuse it later. So (before redirecting user to google login page)

requesturl = oauthhelper.createUserAuthorizationUrl(oauthparam);
OAuthTokenSecret.tokenSecret = oauthparam.getOAuthTokenSecret();

Then after the user grants access and we have been redirected to oauth_callback url:

oauthhelper.getAccessToken(oauthparam); // access token and access token secret are saved in oauthparam.
// access google service..
GoogleService googleService = new GoogleService( "cp", "test222");
googleService.setOAuthCredentials(oauthparam, signer);
BaseFeed resultFeed = googleService.getFeed(feedUrl, Feed.class);
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