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I have the following dataframe (df1):

someName    someMOD someValue   someID  someSymbol
FGR8    A(P);A(Z);M(O),A(Z),P(L)    4234    1   X
MZ66    C(P),M(O);M(O),A(Z),P(L)    434 23  Y
O161    A(P);A(Z);M(O),A(Z),P(L)    23  32  Z
O001    A(P),A(Z);M(O),A(P);M(O)    5   5   W
O0019   Z(P);A(Z),M(O),A(Z),Z(P)    34345   3   K

I would like to split the someMOD column by ',' and then ';' ...then remove the duplicated values and put the string back together with a comma. I think first we will use unlist with strsplit and then again with the semi-colon separator, then remove duplicates but how to put it back with commas?

semicolony <-  unlist(strsplit(df1$someMOD,','))
commay <- unlist(strsplit(semicolony$someMOD,';'))
commay <- commay[!duplicated(commay[,1]),]
commay = paste(commay, collapse=',')

Desired output

someName    someMOD someValue   someID  someSymbol
FGR8    A(P),A(Z),M(O),P(L) 4234    1   X
MZ66    C(P),M(O),A(Z),P(L) 434 23  Y
O161    A(P),A(Z),M(O),P(L) 23  32  Z
O001    A(P),A(Z),M(O)  5   5   W
O0019   Z(P),A(Z),M(O)  34345   3   K

Any help is really appreciated. Thanks!

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Try something like:

SplitFunction <- function(x) {
  b <- unlist(strsplit(x, '[;,]'))
  c <- b[!duplicated(b)]
  return(paste(c, collapse=","))

SplitFunctionV <- Vectorize(SplitFunction)
df$someMOD <- SplitFunctionV(df$someMOD)
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x <- df1$someMOD
x2 <- strsplit(x, ",")
x3 <- lapply(x2,FUN=function(x) unlist(strsplit(x,";")))
x4 <- lapply(x3, unique)
x5 <- unlist(lapply(x4,paste,collapse=","))

I should mention this could be combined into fewer steps to avoid repeating the lapply's, but wanted to follow the steps in the original question (the main problem in which was the initial use of unlist).

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