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I like to know if there's a cmprehensive tutorial on using proGuard for Android projects?

Particularly, I like to learn how to specify which class to exclude (for all include mode), include (for all exclude mode) for obfuscation and also if I can exclude jar libraries and library project and other dependencies to exclude from proGuard obfuscation.

Basically I like learn from some resources to get some practical fine grain customization of proGuard for use with Eclipse Android development.

Thanks in advance.

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Have you taken a look at the official ProGuard documentation on SourceForge? There's a separate section on Android Applications. Most of what you are asking is not Android specific though and the official documentation should have you covered. Exclusion patterns are documented in the the Keep options. Obfuscation of libraries are documented here.

Also, a lot of third party libs (and Android library projects) specifically cover ProGuard options in their documentation (take a look at Otto, HockeyApp or Google Play services for examples).

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