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I am totally new to SQL. I have a simple select query similar to this:

SELECT COUNT(col1) FROM table1

There are some 120 records in the table and shown on the GUI. For some reason, this query always returns a number less than the actual count.

Can somebody please help me?

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You might have some null values in col1 column. Aggregate functions ignore nulls. try this

SELECT COUNT(ISNULL(col1,0)) FROM   table1
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select count(*) from table1

Edit: To explain further, count(*) gives you the rowcount for a table, including duplicates and nulls. count(isnull(col1,0)) will do the same thing, but slightly slower, since isnull must be evaluated for each row.

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Slightly tangential, but there's also the useful

SELECT count(distinct cola) from table1

which as you may surmise gives you number of distinct cola in the table

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