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I have a REST web service written in PHP that is part of a web site. This web site has users that can post data where have they traveled and rate the place. Mobile app. uses the web service to submit the travel details.

Can a user share his "travel data" on Facebook trough web service?

Goal, Use Case: User on his phone selects a country, city .... rate it and submit the data, data is sent to web service that writes this data to DB and shared it on Facebook as the user of the web site that has FB membership).

Assumptions: User should loggin trough the site and request a "permanent" token from Facebook, store it in DB.user_settings, use the token when data is sent from mobile app. Update: Or, collect users FB username/pass in DB.user_settings and authenticate when web service method for posting data on FB is called.

Problem: Token is not "permanent"

How to authenticate the user, and not send any credentials from the mobile app. concerning Facebook, but keep all the FB logic in web service?

(im interested in concept design/algorithm, not code)

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For this kind of scenario I suggest you to give a look at the Open Graph specification. –  5agado Jun 11 '13 at 10:18

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