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I am trying to access keychain data set by an application from another application with the same identifier(same profile). I used this link to achieve this.

The saving of keychain data is happening properly, I get errSecSuccess for the below statment (both in simulator and device)

OSStatus status = SecItemAdd((CFDictionaryRef)dictionary, NULL);

So far so good, but when I am trying to fetch back the credentials that my app A saved in another app B it works differently in simulator and device.

In iOS simulator 6.1 I get status as '0' for the below statement.

 OSStatus status = SecItemCopyMatching((CFDictionaryRef)searchDictionary, &foundDict);

In any iOS device I get the status as '-25300'.

I know these are the error codes that are in the security framework:

//errSecSuccess                = 0,       /* No error. */
//errSecUnimplemented          = -4,      /* Function or operation not implemented. */
//errSecParam                  = -50,     /* One or more parameters passed to a function where not valid. */
//errSecAllocate               = -108,    /* Failed to allocate memory. */
//errSecNotAvailable           = -25291,  /* No keychain is available. You may need to restart your computer. */
//errSecDuplicateItem          = -25299,  /* The specified item already exists in the keychain. */
//errSecItemNotFound           = -25300,  /* The specified item could not be found in the keychain. */
//errSecInteractionNotAllowed  = -25308,  /* User interaction is not allowed. */
//errSecDecode                 = -26275,  /* Unable to decode the provided data. */
//errSecAuthFailed             = -25293,  /* The user name or passphrase you entered is not correct. */

and I get it the item is not found, but why different in device and simulator. Need urgent help.

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