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Hi this is a sample url mailBox/messageDetailsInbox/79 As you can see there is and ID parameter after last slash "79". "mailbox" is my controller and "messageDetailsInbox" is my action. I want to hide ID parameter in url. I want customize url like this mailBox/messageDetailsInbox

This is my code

<g:link action="messageDetailsInbox"   id="${i.id}"> MyLink </g:link>
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Simply put, if you need to pass data (e.g, your ID) to your controller/action and you don't want to do it via URL token or query parameters (i.e, HTTP GET method)

//GET method
http://server/controller/action/79        //token
http://server/controller/action?id=79     //query param

then you need to do a form POST. But unless you're sending lots of data or sensitive data, it's usually preferable to use the GET method because your URLs will be more bookmark-able.

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So, just don't add this ID to the link:

<g:link action="messageDetailsInbox"> MyLink </g:link>

If you still want to pass Id, but don't want to have in URL, you can pass it as a parameter:

<g:link action="messageDetailsInbox" params="${[id: i.id]}"> MyLink </g:link>
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so how can i post id ? but i need id to retreive data by id –  Ziya Askerov Jun 7 '13 at 8:48
I can't understand - do you need to pass ID or not? –  Igor Artamonov Jun 7 '13 at 8:50
I tried your second solution, but the parameter still in URL of browser. –  Phat H. VU Jul 1 '14 at 3:22

Define a new url in UrlsMapping.groovy file in config folder

"mailBox/messageDetailsInbox"(controller: "controllerName", action: "messageDetailsInbox")

then pass the parameters in post. This will solve your problem.

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