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I have such route:

  namespace admin
    namespace :catalogs do
      namespace :to do
        resources :manufacturers do 
          resources :models do 
            resources :types do
              resources :details

(please do not ask what's the model, why so man sub's: it must be so)

and such folder structure:

enter image description here

in manufacturer index view i have link: = link_to "Подробнее", admin_catalogs_to_manufacturer_model_path(c), :class=>'btn btn-primary'

(also rake routes say that it is right route)

and when i try to render my index view i get:

No route matches {:action=>"show", :controller=>"admin/catalogs/to/models", :manufacturer_id=>#}

when i custom my link to :

= link_to "Подробнее", admin_catalogs_to_manufacturer_model_path(manufacturer_id: c.MFA_ID, id: c.MFA_ID)

i get error

uninitialized constant Admin::Catalogs::To::ModelsController

what is wrong? how to solve my routing?

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