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Hey guys. I think the title is very clear, but also i want to say why: I already downloaded TFS 2010 and Team explorer 2010, but i'm still using VS2008 (with no short-time plans to change) My question, can i use those toghether? Also, my VS is just the professional version. I don't want to download the TE2008 because for my internet conection, it is just too big. Thanks in advance

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The 2010 client is backwards compatible with 2008 servers (though not 2005). Details:

However, it will not integrate inside the VS2008 shell. If you want full source control integration you'll need to download TE2008 + SP1.

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And the 2008 Patch… to enable forwards compatibility – Martin Woodward Nov 10 '09 at 2:12
If I read the question correctly, the question was if the client was compatible with the Studio.. not if it was compatible with a newer TFS server? – Bert Huijben Nov 10 '09 at 10:24
as @Bert says, my questions goes to know if VS2008 can use the Team explorer 2010, but I think (or maybe I'm doing something wrong) that it does not. Thanks anyways! – josecortesp Nov 11 '09 at 5:55
(Using TFS 2010) – josecortesp Nov 11 '09 at 5:55
See my answer. You can use VS2008 with TE2010 side by side, but they will not integrate. – Richard Berg Nov 11 '09 at 7:29

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