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Is there any way to filter a request for images. Like there is the possibility to filter a route? I would like to load a class for every img request.

I know about the .htaccess possibility but I would like to not touch it in this case.

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The default .htaccess file only redirects to Laravel's index.php file when a real file or directory doesn't exist at the requested path. So when you have a link pointing to the direct file, this isn't something you can do without modification.

However, you could point to a virtual directory with a defined route, that in turn points to the real file location.


Virtual- /img/file.png

Real- /assets/img/file.png

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Yep you are right. There is no way around the htacces. Makes sense because otherwise every request for a picture would boot the app right? – driechel Jun 7 '13 at 18:50

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