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Working on Android 4.0+ above.

I am in process of analyzing ways to live stream my camera video to Window PC using RTP , encoding MPEG-2.

  1. Is there readily available "rtp-server" in android 4.0+ ?

  2. Is following true:: "The Android platform lacks support for streaming protocol, which makes it difficult to stream live audio / video to Android enabled devices." extracted from website

  3. Currently I analyzed used the ffserver from the ffmpeg libraries, but the FPS is < 5. which is far slow. Did any one explored other solution which has more FPS?

  4. Did anybody tried using StageFright for same? Capturing raw data from camera and sending it to stagefright framework for encoding and then streaming the same using RTP ??

Many Thanks.

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The answers to your questions are as below. Though the links are related to Android 4.2.2, the same is true for Android 4.0 also.

  1. Yes, there is a RTP transmitter available. You could look at this example in MyTransmitter as a starting point or you can consider using the standard recorder as in startRTPRecording.

  2. You can stream data via RTP from an Android device to an external sink or you could have a different use-case as in Miracast a.k.a. Wi-Fi Display. However, streaming from one android device to another device through Wi-Fi Direct is still not completely enabled. The latter statement is mainly coming from Miracast scenario.

  3. You can use the standard android software, which is capable of high resolution recording and transmission. This is mainly dependent on the underlying hardware as the overhead from software stack is not very high.

  4. Yes. This is already answered in Q1 above.

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