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In this previous question I learnt that in F# an array<'T> is not the same as System.Array.

VS tells me that array<'T> inherits System.Array and has the full name Microsoft.FSharp.Core.array<_> and some additional Interfaces.

However MSDN says that array<'T> is a type abbreviation of System.Array. And that it has the notation arr.[i] to get and set items.

So for my lesson, is array<'T> a type abbreviation that includes type extensions and additional Interfaces? Where is the best place to look this up ?

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The type array<'T> is an abbreviation, but not for the base type System.Array but for another generic type that represents arrays in F#, which is written as 'T[].

This means that

  • System.Array is the non-generic base type (where you cannot use indexing and you can only get elements as objects)

  • 'T[] and array<'T> mean exactly the same thing. They are the generic type which supports indexing and you get 'T values from it.

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Also note that the generic types can be written before the type and without angle braces, so you can write, say, string array which reads very nice; much nicer than array<string> or string[]. –  Jwosty Jun 7 '13 at 16:41
how can I make type extensions on []? type Microsoft.FSharp.Collections.Array with member arr.last with get() = arr.[arr.Length -1] does not work for me –  Goswin Jun 28 '13 at 18:15
for type extension see: stackoverflow.com/questions/18359825/… –  Goswin Aug 21 '13 at 14:43

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