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I am building a REST API for my application that uses a NoSQL db (Neo4j) using Tastypie.

So I overrode some main methods of the class tastypie.resources.Resource to do so, and currently struggling to implement def obj_get_list(self, request=None, **kwargs): which is supposed to return a list of objects.

Actually, I want to pass a parameter to this method through the url (something like'aQuery' ) and then perform a query based on this parameter.

The problem is that the request is None so I can't get its parameter !

When printing the kwargs variable, I see this :

{'bundle': <Bundle for obj: '<testNeo4Django.testapp.api.Airport object at 0x9d829ac>' and with data: '{}'>}

Thanks for your help

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Currently positional argument request is not passed toobj_get_list.

So you should:

def obj_get_list(self, bundle, **kwargs):

    param =  bundle.request.GET['param']
    #fetch objects based on param
    return objects
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Working like a charm , Thank you !! – Anas Jun 7 '13 at 11:33
Thanks, this was changed in TastyPie > 0.9.11. Request used to be passed along and now its part of the bundle (where applicable). – Kevin Dec 16 '13 at 8:58

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