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I am new to Qt. My program is crashing when adding items read from XML to QTableView.

XML file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Adding items code:

QXmlStreamReader xmlReader;
QAbstractItemModel *model = ui->tableView->model();


    QXmlStreamReader::TokenType token = xmlReader.readNext();

    if(token == QXmlStreamReader::StartDocument)

    if(token == QXmlStreamReader::StartElement)
        if( == "Accounts")

        if( == "Host")
            model->setData(model->index(model->rowCount(),0), xmlReader.readElementText()); //probably here crash
        if( == "Login")
            model->setData(model->index(model->rowCount(),1), xmlReader.readElementText());
        if( == "Password")
            model->setData(model->index(model->rowCount(),2), xmlReader.readElementText());
        if( == "Status")
            model->setData(model->index(model->rowCount(),3), xmlReader.readElementText());

            QMessageBox::critical(this, "XML Parse Error",xmlReader.errorString(), QMessageBox::Ok);

My questions are:

1. Why program is crashing and how to fix it?

2. For future: How to localize crash reason and fix it in QtCreator?

Regards, David

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Crashing?, no error to speak of? – ChiefTwoPencils Jun 7 '13 at 9:59
Windows 7 Message: "program has stopped working" – David Jun 7 '13 at 10:11
If you run with the debugger as per my answer, please update your question, so we can further help you. – Losiowaty Jun 7 '13 at 11:54

As for your issue number "2" : you can run your code with debugger in QtCreator : it's the second play-like button, with a little bug on it. This way, when your application crashes you will know where.

The line that caused the crash will be pointed at by an arrow next to the line numbers, and you will have stack trace available and variable value lookup.

Also if you suspect which part of code causes a crash (or other unexpected behaviour) you can place a breakpoint right before it. Click on a line number and a small red ball should appear. Then run with debugger, and your application will stop at the breakpoint, so you can review your variable values, and then trace the execution step by step.

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