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OK so I have an android widget and I've been having trouble with the android widget updating. I've used some simple hard coded setTextViewText but nothing happen when I debug the app..

My code:

public class Widget extends AppWidgetProvider {

RemoteViews views;

public void onUpdate(Context context, AppWidgetManager appWidgetManager, int[] appWidgetIds) {
    int N = appWidgetIds.length;
    views = new RemoteViews(context.getPackageName(), R.layout.widget);
    for (int i = 0; i < N; i++) {
        int appWidgetId = appWidgetIds[i];
        String alarm = Settings.System.getString(context.getContentResolver(),
        views.setTextViewText(, alarm);

        views.setTextViewText(, "qwertyuiop");

        appWidgetManager.updateAppWidget(appWidgetId, views);

I know some of the code is wrong, such as the alarm and I am trying to incorporate a battery status somehow but I've been told that a BroadcastReceiver isn't the way forward so at the moment I've commented it out.

But the main problem is the updating the widget to change a TextView isn't working...

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I've just tried this code in one of my widgets and it works fine:

public void onUpdate(Context context, AppWidgetManager appWidgetManager, int[] appWidgetIds) {

    // Get ids of all the instances of the widget
    ComponentName widget = new ComponentName(context, MediaWidgerProvider.class);
    int[] widgetIds = appWidgetManager.getAppWidgetIds(widget);

    for (int widgetId : widgetIds) {

        RemoteViews remoteViews = new RemoteViews(context.getPackageName(), R.layout.my_widget);

        remoteViews.setTextViewText(, "Hello");

        appWidgetManager.updateAppWidget(widgetId, remoteViews);
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