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Is it possible to get the distance between the starting coordinate and matched nodes in this query:

START n=node:stadiumsLocation('withinDistance:[53.489271,-2.246704, 5.0]') RETURN n

For every n returned, I would also like to know the distance from n to [53.489271,-2.246704]

I know that the results are sorted on distance but can I get the actual value?

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do you find a way in cypher? –  navins Jun 4 at 2:46

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public void testDistance() throws ParseException {
WKTReader wktRdr = new WKTReader();
Geometry A = wktRdr.read("POINT(40.00 30.00 )");
Geometry B = wktRdr.read("POINT(40.00 40.00 )");
DistanceOp distOp = new DistanceOp(A, B);
assertEquals(10.0, distOp.distance(), 0);
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