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In my admin site, I want editable

Dynamic subject in database text.

mailer = MailTemplate.find_by_template_name('friend_request')
# mailer.subject = "#{@user.username} wants to be friend on site.com"

I have to use code like :

mail(:to => friend.email, :subject => mailer.subject) do |format|
  format.text { render :inline => nl2br(mailer.body) }
  format.html { render :inline => nl2br(mailer.body) }

Now, I found body is working properly with dynamic code. But SUBJECT is not working with mailer.subject for value like "#{@user.username} wants to be friend on SportsPundit.com"

Please suggest. I tried with eval(mailer.subject) as well.

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are you sure you are saving correct subject in database? –  Salil Jun 7 '13 at 11:22
@Salil YES,In console my subject shows "\#{@user.username} wants to be friend on SportsPundit.com" If it would be without forward slash then it would have been parsed itself –  Manish Shrivastava Jun 7 '13 at 11:27

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Consider using a different templating language so you're not exposing ruby to the user. Handlebars may be a good choice.

In your MailTemplate object, subject would be

"{{ user/username }} wants to be friend on site.com"

Then you would render it using handlebars-rails or some other lib, passing @user as user in the handlebars template. This is better for the average user to figure out, so they aren't looking at ruby.

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