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At present the structure of my code uses XmlDocument to load Xml and then SelectNodes to iterate through a list of repeating items. For each elements Im using XmlNode.SelectSingleNode to pick out field elements.

I now want to use JSON.NET to achieve the same results with documents delivered to me as Json. The answer can be something other than Json.net, as long as it's C# intergratable.

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Json.NET has SelectToken. It uses a syntax similar to DataBinder.Eval to get JSON via a string expression:

JObject o = JObject.Parse("{'People':[{'Name':'Jeff'},{'Name':'Joe'}]}");

// get name token of first person and convert to a string
string name = (string)o.SelectToken("People[0].Name");

Or if you wanted to select multiple values:

JObject o = JObject.Parse("{'People':[{'Name':'Jeff','Roles':['Manager', 'Admin']}]}");

// get role array token of first person and convert to a list of strings
IList<string> names = (string)o.SelectToken("People[0].Roles").Select(t => (string)t).ToList();
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Do you have an object hierarchy that you can map the the JSON? You could create an object tree (i.e. deserialize the JSON), and use LINQ's Where, SelectMany, etc.

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Thanks for the response Marc. Specifically, Im using the twitter.com/status/mentions.json feed. I want to pass each "status" to an HTML Render without knowing (at buildtime) which fields it is using and allow it to pull fields with Json version of SelectSingleNode. A LINQ example would help alot :) –  Dead account Nov 8 '09 at 23:13
Ah, right. It wouldn't allow you to use an arbitrary string, if that is what you mean. It would need coding per scenario. –  Marc Gravell Nov 9 '09 at 5:09

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