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I have one image ImgA of a person, and ten test images. Among these ten, one image is of the same person of ImgA. I calculated the local binary pattern (lbp) histogram of all these images. Then I want to calculate the Chi-Square distance between lbp histogram of ImgA with those ten test images. Theoretically, the minimum distance should be from the same person. Thus if the sixth image of the test data set is the same person as ImgA, then the distance between sixth image and ImgA should be the minimum one.

To do this, my Matlab code is as follows:

dstDir = dir ('C:\Users\King_Knight\Desktop\Images\*.jpg');
dstNFiles = {dstDir.name};
mapping=getmapping(8,'u2'); % for lbp histogram

for j = 1:numel(dstNFiles)

        ImgA= imread('C:\Users\King_Knight\Desktop\ImgA.jpg');

        dstfilename = dstDir(j).name;
        dstimage = imread(dstfilename);    

        dstImg{j} = dstimage;

        ImgA = im2double(ImgA);    
        dstImg{j} = im2double(dstImg{j});

        ImgA = rgb2gray(ImgA);
        dstImg{j} = rgb2gray(dstImg{j}); 

        ImgA = imresize(ImgA,[200 200]);
        dstImg{j} = imresize(dstImg{j},[200 200]);

        srcH = lbp(ImgA,1,8,mapping,'hist'); %calculate lbp histogram 
        dstH{j} = lbp(dstImg{j},1,8,mapping,'hist'); %calculate lbp histogram 

        distance(j) = pdist2(dstH{j},srcH,'chisq');

The problem here is, the caculated Chi-Square distance includes zero value, even for those not similar images. For instance in this case, it gives zero values for first image, which is totally different from ImgA. Also, I tried this for comparing two sets of images from two folders, and all the diagonal values of matrix distance are equal to zero. What is wrong here? Can someone help me? Thank you in advance.

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The first thing to do would be to check that "srcH" and "dstH" are what you think they should be. Also, where do "lbp" and "pdist2" (since I don't think it's the one from the statistics toolbox) come from? –  nkjt Jun 7 '13 at 12:16
I've checked that before, and seemed like there was nothing wrong with them. "lbp" comes from "computer vision toolbox", while "pdsit2" comes from statistics toolbox. –  E_learner Jun 7 '13 at 12:55
Are you sure you're using the pdist2 from the statistics toolbox? Because as far as I can see (R2011b/R2013a documentation) it does not have the "chisq" option - but some third party toolboxes have functions "pdist2" which do. Try "which pdist2" and confirm where it's located. –  nkjt Jun 7 '13 at 15:59

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