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enter code hereI am trying to install nettle library. So, first I installed GMP library. Then I am trying to configure nettle libray and I am getting the warning below.

DNSSEC root key file in /etc/unbound/root.key was not found
This file is nedded for the verification of DNSSEC responses.
Use the command: unbound-anchor -a "/etc/unbound/root.key"
to generate or update it.

I tried to give

$apt-get update

But I always get 0% progress. it will not increase. (it is not connected to internet.) Should I connected to internet? If so, it is not possible for me because my development system is always offline. Any download option is available from where I can download from other system and transfer to my development system?

I also tried

$unbound-anchor - "/etc/unbound/root.key"

but it showed,

unbound-anchor: command not found

How can I resolve this warning?

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I ran into the same problem when trying to compile gnutls on linuxmint. I solved it by installing the "unbound" package. Since linuxmint is based on debian this was:

sudo apt-get install unbound

Subsequent configure attempts indicated that I also needed the "libunbound-dev" package which might also apply when compiling nettle:

sudo apt-get install libunbound-dev

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