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On Clicking the View Details button , I m getting the table values using Jquery but i cant retrieve it very time in web. How to Efficiently get the table details on button click

My Code is

for (var post in result) 
    $("#tablegrid > tbody").append("<tr id=subtablegrid><td>"+result[post].CheckedIn+"</td><td>"+result[post].CheckedOut+"</td><td>"+result[post].Duration+"</td><td class='mapview'><a id="+viewbtnid+','+fieldstaffid+" href='#' data-role='button' >View Details</a></td></tr>");

$(document).on('click','.mapview a',function(){

    var id=$(this).attr('id');
    var idArr=new Array();
    alert(idArr[0]+" "+idArr[1]);
    var fieldstaffid=idArr[1];

    var fromDate=$("#tablegrid tbody tr:nth-child("+idArr[0]+") td:nth-child(1)").text();
    var toDate=$("#tablegrid tbody tr:nth-child("+idArr[0]+") td:nth-child(2)").text();
    alert(" to date "+toDateTime);
    alert(fromDateTime+" "+toDateTime);

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If you explain your problem with jsfiddle will help to resolve the problem quickly. –  vinothini Jun 7 '13 at 11:11
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please check Click here to see Demo

  $('table tr').click(function(){
     alert($(this).index() + 1 );

using that you can get index of row

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alert($(this).html()); its return all html of that row –  softsdev Jun 7 '13 at 11:55
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