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I have an option trim_trailing_white_space_on_save turned on. And for some files I should prevent removing trailing white spaces, because they are important.

How to remove this behaviour for some files, e.g. *.dat?

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Have you already tried to create a configuration file for that specific extension and put trim_trailing_white_space_on_save = false ?

Settings Files

Settings files are consulted in this order:

  1. Packages/Default/Preferences.sublime-settings
  2. Packages/Default/Preferences (< platform >).sublime-settings
  3. Packages/User/Preferences.sublime-settings
  4. < Project Settings >
  5. Packages/< syntax >/< syntax >.sublime-settings
  6. Packages/User/.sublime-settings
  7. < Buffer Specific Settings >

In general, you should place your settings in Packages/User/Preferences.sublime-settings.

If you want to specify settings for a certain file type, for example, Python, you should place them in Packages/User/Python.sublime-settings.


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