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For example: In the text i need to find numerical in between chareters '' like '87646790345' or '353632249' or '7668GHN876FB766HN'

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have a look at regular expression here: regular-expressions.info notepad++ allows you the ability to use regex to find and replace content in the file –  stackErr Jun 7 '13 at 12:48

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To find numbers only between single primes search for '\d+' or for '[0-9]+'. To find letters and numbers between single primes search for '[a-z0-9]+' making sure that Match case is not selected. To search for find letters, numbers and underscores between single primes search for '\w+' or '[a-z0-9_]+' making sure that Match case is not selected. In all cases make sure that Regular expressions are selected.

The \d means digits. The [ and ] enclose a range of characters, so [a-z0-9_] means a to z inclusive plus 0 to 9 inclusive plus _. To include a - in the range of characters it needs to be the first or last character. So [-a-d] would search for a - plus a to d inclusive. The + in the above search expressions means look for one or more of the preceding items. So \d+ means search for one or more adjacent digits. Finally, the ' characters in the searches represent themselves. So '\d+' means search for a single prime followed by one or more digits followed by another single prime.

You can search for only upper case or only lower case letters by selecting that Match case. Then, for example, [ABCdef] would not find a or b or E etc.

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