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I have this code :

:- public       
    queens / 1.

:- mode
    forbidden(+, +, +, +),
    least_room_to_move(+, -, -, -),
    lr2m(+, +, +, -, -, -),
    make_initial_table(+, -),
    make_initial_table(+, +, -),
    number_list(+, -),
    place(+, -),
    prune(+, +, +, -),
    prune(+, +, +, +, -),
    shorter(+, +).

And I get these errors :

e.pl:1:2: syntax error: . or operator expected after expression e.pl:5:2: syntax error: . or operator expected after expression

Can you tell me what is wrong with this code?

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Could that be ECLiPSe code ?

The first directive should be about exporting a procedure, remaining are requested by compiler to provide efficient code.

GNU Prolog doesn't have modules, and provides a fairly good compilation by default.

Try removing directives altogether.

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