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i want to configure ubuntu 12.04 as a router. this ubuntu pc have 3 network cards

eth0: (LAN1)
eth1: (Internet)
eth2: (LAN2)


$ route -n

Table de routage IP du noyau
Destination     Passerelle      Genmask         Indic Metric   Ref  Use Iface         UG    0        0    0   eth1   UG    0        0    0   eth2   U     1        0    0   eth2     U     1000     0    0   eth2   U     1        0    0   eth1     UG    0        0    0   eth0   U     1        0    0   eth0

if i configure an other windows pc (PC1) like this :


from this pc (PC1) i am connected to the internet and i can ping all IPs in this range and this IP i cannot ping the other IPs in this range (i can ping this range from ubuntu pc).

my problem is how to modify my route table to assure a connection between PC1 and all PCs in range


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The gateway does not need any special routes for this. Do the systems have a route for via the gateway (

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