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Hurray! Rails 4 is here...

Now, how do I create a 3.2.13 app since

rails new my app

installs rails '4.0.0.rc1'

Also, I already have rails gem 3.2.13 installed

](![gem list

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you should do: gem install 'rails' -v '3.2.13'

You should use a clean gemset, if you are using rvm, you can try:

rvm gemset create <name>
rvm gemset use <name>

Now you have a clean gemset, it's time to install rails,

gem install rails -v '3.2.13' 

and then create a rails app,

rails new app_name
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You can call specific gem (applies to any gem as far as I know) with following syntax:

rails _3.2.13_ -v

After this, it’s matter of using bundle exec rails instead of just rails, inside the application.

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rails _3.2.13_ new app

(I'm using rbenv)

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