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my problem is i want to JSON_ENCODE the result of inner join query and the two columns i want to select have the same name so, the JSON object override one of them and carry only data for one column cause they have the same name,,this is my code till now.

 $query = "select faculty.NAME,sector.NAME from faculty inner join sector
        on faculty.SECTOR_ID=sector.ID";
$result = mysql_query($query);
while($r = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)) {
$rows[] = $r;
 echo json_encode($rows);

how to do this without change the column name in the DataBase...

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Try changing the output of your query:

select faculty.NAME AS facultyName,sector.NAME AS sectorName from faculty inner join sector
    on faculty.SECTOR_ID=sector.ID
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Using as:

select faculty.NAME as faculty_name, sector.NAME as sector_name from faculty inner join sector
    on faculty.SECTOR_ID=sector.ID

This will change your json values to something like:

{"faculty_name": "first", "sector_name": "second"}

so you will need to update your javascript.

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You can use ALIAS In your query so you will have different names for your columns

select faculty.NAME as faculty_name ,sector.NAME as sector_name
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