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On prestashop 1.5 what i am trying to do is to initally create a form on the right hand side that asks customers

Do you want to:

(1) Display price with tax (2) Display price without tax

Then there answer is stored in a smarty session variable. (i think thats the best way to do it?)

Then on the product.tpl page, there would be if, else commands

if session variable 'displaytax'

prices with tax

if session variable 'displaynotax'

price without tax

else end if

Can anybody please help with code to:

(1) Initially create this simple form and store the session variable? (2) To bring back the session variable so you can use it in the if else statement?

Many thanks for taking the time to look

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In prestashop 1.5, global are deprecated.

To set something in the cookie :

In a controller :


Other file :

$context = Context::getContext();

You can access to your value with :

In a controller


Other file :

$context = Context::getContext();

Prestashop doesn't use the $_SESSSION, so you can't access to $smarty.session.key

You have to assign your variable to smarty

In a controller :

$this->context->smarty->assign(array('key' => $this->context->cookie->key));

Other file :

$context = Context::getContext();
$context->smarty->assign(array('key' => $context->cookie->key));
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