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I was working on getting all orders from amazon and displaying them on my site.
Everything is fine till now.
But now, i just want to get the user's comments that are placed by customers against their order.
So, I was looking at the Amazon MWS documentation, but didn't find anything.
I also tried to search it on google but nothing was found.
I just want to know that, Whether it is possible to get comments on orders?
if so, then how? thanks,

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I assume that you're talking about Amazon's Buyer-Seller Messaging Service. I've looked around and there does not seem any API to access that information. But you can relay those mails to a regular email client (which might be integrated into your web app through POP3 or IMAP). Your responses (sent through SMTP) will appear in Seller Central just like manually entered messages.

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There is currently no MWS API for fetching buyer comments for your orders.

We have submitted a request in the past and I recommend that you do so as well. Then just keep an eye on the MWS site.

There is however a report type of _GET_SELLER_FEEDBACK_DATA_ which will give you:

Tab-delimited flat file that returns negative and neutral feedback (one to three stars) from buyers who rated your seller performance. For all sellers.

Not exactly what you're looking for but it's a start.

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