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I would like to alter the Show default behaviour of a TForm's descendant (for eg. instead of showing itself on the screen, I would like to place it on a page control as a new tabsheet). How to achive that ? I'd like to show it using a standard method (call Show method or set Visible property) so I tried to override the SetVisible method. But I found that the SetVisible cannot be overriden since it is a private method. Any suggestions where to override it ? Thanks.

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You can override the protected TCustomForm.VisibleChanging.

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Yes it's works. It's the perfect place to insert additional code before a Form's Visible property is changed. (ps. I've seen the VisibleChanging but a little bit reluctant to touch it since I thought it's part of a TControl's show/hide mechanism while I only expect to override a TForm's descendant) Thanks. You've convinced me to go that way and it's works perfectly, rgds Hasan S. –  Hasan S Nov 11 '09 at 5:50

There are two ways to do what I think you are asking, which is embedding a form in a panel or similar. There is a TForm.CreateParented(handle) function, but in our code we tend not to use that. Instead, we create the form with this sort of code:

MyForm := TMyForm.Create(Self);
MyForm.Parent := MyTabSheet;
MyForm.Border := bsNone;
MyForm.Align := alClient;
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