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I've setup 'ssl endpoint' on heroku and that works great. I have a cname for www.miketown3.com pointing to osaka-4635.herokussl.com. https is working great.

However, when I GET http://www.miketown3.com, I get redirected to https://www.miketown3.com and I want to remain on http. When testing my app locally this does not happen. Also, when watching the traffic in chrome, I see no http level redirection of any kind. There's just a request to http://www.miketown3.com with no response. Then immediately the next request is to https://www.miketown3.com, but this time there is a valid response.

My question, where is this redirection happening and how can I stop it? Thanks a bunch!

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Since your www subdomain is pointed to osaka-4635.herokussl.com, the server at this address performs the redirection. To stop it, you have to remove the ssl endpoint addon, and change your DNS records per https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/custom-domains (e.g. point your root and www subdomain to yourapp.herokuapp.com)

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I'm not 100% sure what you question is but if you only want HTTPS for certain parts(urls) of your website and assuming you are using rails you can add the gem 'rack-ssl-enforcer', this will allow you to specify what parts of your website redirect to https i.e. login

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This was a chrome cache thing.

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