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There is a nice function plotter built into OSX. Has anyone found something free that runs on windows (with out having to go through Cygwin)?

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How about MathGV - Function Plotting Software?

Also, DME Calculator is a calculator that can plot functions.

The DME calculator is an advanced calculator for Windows. It is a part of the program package for controlling our instruments. However, in its basic version it can be of use for anyone who wishes to make calculations with a PC or wishes to solve somewhat more complex problems without having to use a large spreadsheet program package. The DME calculator fits on a diskette and starts without any notable waiting time.

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If by functions, you mean mathematical functions, there is a nice list here which has plenty of suggestions.

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excellent for many branches of academia. it also plots.

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Although hardly "something free that runs on windows" (well, apart frm the "free" part). –  ldigas Nov 12 '09 at 21:09
Wolframalpha.com doesn't run on windows for you? It does for me. –  mphair Nov 25 '09 at 4:00
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