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I'm new to RSpec, so bear with me!

Here is my code.


before(:all) do
  @package = Package.new("testing")
  @param_source = "cat #{root}/file/test.json"

"it should update the version params appropriately" do
  group_params = mock("params")
  group_params.expects(:each).multiple_yields([["staging", @param_source]])
  # Some assertions here

Class file:

class Package
  def initialize(db_file)
     # Some http options set for httparty

  def update_version(group_params)
    group_params.each do |environment, param_source|
      group_json = JSON.parse(HTTParty.get(param_source, @http_cred))
      # Bunch more stuff done here

Basically, I have this test.json that I want to use to verify that things are getting parsed correctly. This HTTParty.get call expects a GET call to be made though. Is there a way I can mock that with the param_source variable. Please let me know if I need to provide more information here. Thanks for the help!

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HTTParty.stub(get: file_content)

or mock:

HTTParty.should_receive(:get).with(foo, bar).and_return(file_content)

or stubbing in the new rspec syntax:

allow(HTTParty).to receive(:get).and_return(file_content)

or mocking in the new syntax:

expect(HTTParty).to receive(:get).with(foo, bar).and_return(file_content)
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