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I have a form with some fields binded with spring velocity macros:

#springFormInput("model.email", "required email='true' maxlength='100'")
#springFormInput("model.name", "required maxlength='100'")

I want to bind a DropDown to a value, and set the OPTIONS of that DropDown to be a value on my model, like:

public class MyDto {
    private String email;
    private String name;
    private String dropdownValue;
    private List<String> dropdownOptions;


And my view goes with:

#springFormInput("model.email", "required email='true' maxlength='100'")
#springFormInput("model.name", "required maxlength='100'")
#springFormSingleSelect("model.dropdownValue", "dropdownOptions", "required")

It's not working. The list comes without values. How can i do that?

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From the docs:

#springFormSingleSelect ($path $options $attributes)
  • Drop down box of options allowing a single required value to be selected.

The parameters:

  • path: the name of the field to bind to (that is, searchCriteria.title).

  • options: a Map containing all the available values that can be selected from in the input field. The keys to the map represent the values that will be POSTed back from the form and bound to the command object. The values belonging to the key are used as the labels to show to the user. Usually such a map is supplied as reference data by the controller. Any Map implementation can be used, depending on required behavior.

  • attributes: an additional string of arbitrary tags or text to be included within the HTML tag itself. This string is echoed literally by the macro. For example, in a textarea field you may supply attributes as 'rows="5" cols="60"' or you could pass style information such as 'style="border:1px solid silver"'.

So, in your specific case, you have to make dropdownOptions a Map:

private Map<String, String> dropdownOptions;

Adding objects to the map like map.put("x","y") generates a <option value="x">y</option>.

And then use it in the view like:

#springFormSingleSelect("model.dropdownValue", $model.dropdownOptions,"required")

Out of curiosity, here the macro's code (the call to .keySet() makes a Map required):

#macro( springFormSingleSelect $path $options $attributes )
    <select id="${status.expression}" name="${status.expression}" ${attributes}>
        #foreach($option in $options.keySet())
            <option value="${option}"
            #if("$!status.value" == "$option")
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I found a similar question which I hope the answer would help you with this question you have.

 #set ($end = $dataItems.size() - 1)
    #foreach($i in [0..$end])
      #springFormSingleSelect( "dataItems[$i].data1" $labelKeys "")

the source

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That's the way to do with JSP, i wanna do it with Velocity! Thanks, but that doesn't help –  Renanlf Jun 7 '13 at 18:01
I searched for you and found more information. I hope this works. give it a try. –  CPU 100 Jun 7 '13 at 18:19
I looked those samples before posting the question.. this is another issue! –  Renanlf Jun 7 '13 at 18:20
I tried , sorry that was not what you were looking for. I'll search more and if I come across anything I'll post it for you. –  CPU 100 Jun 7 '13 at 18:23

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