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Really need some assistance. I've downloaded selenium grid, I believe I have it configured all correctly as I ran a successful "sanity check" which checks your configuration. I have ant configured configured correctly as well. I then tried to launch the hub via the cmd prompt by typing "ant launch-hub." It appeared to work fine in the terminal. I then tried to check to see if it was running so I opened my browser and pointed it to localhost:4444/console as the tutorial told me to. But then I got the following error:


Forbidden for Proxy RequestURI=/console

Don't know what the heck is going one but could really use some help. Thanks.

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Also, the next step of the tutorial is to launch the remote control, and when I type the command for this (ant launch-remote-control) the build fails. In case that detail helps at all. –  T-Slice Jun 7 '13 at 18:17

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Seems like you downloaded the older version of selenium grid. Its better you use the latest version of Grid (Grid 2.0) as the older version is no longer supported. Newer version doesnt require ant to launch it. Latest version of grid can be downloaded from here . You must download the standalone version. To get started on Grid 2.0, refer this wiki page

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I think I had something already running on that port, so I just changed to a different port. Thanks though.

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