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I know Lua is best-in-class for embedding, but I want to use Scheme or some LISP dialect as scripting language for my C app. What are good interpreters to embed? My criteria are:

  • Open source (preferably in C - I think most of them are).
  • R5RS very encouraged, SRFIs are plus.
  • Easy FFI with C (in both directions) - very important.
  • Should be maintained, up-to-date, not dead projects.
  • Performance comparable to Lua.
  • Portable (at least GNU/Linux - MacOS - Windows (MinGW/Cygwin acceptable)).

I don't care about:

  • Large library (with simple FFI, I'm able to add missing), but it's a plus.
  • Size. I plan to run it on desktop machine, not Android/iOS.
  • Rich documentation. Some samples with FFI might be enough.

For now, I consider the following:

  • GNU Guile. Seems like it fits, but I don't know about performance (is it VM or interpreted?).
  • newLISP. Brand new, documented, but not sure about performance and embedding too.
  • TinyScheme/Chibi. Very small, R5RS, intended for embedding. Not sure about performance.
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You should take a look at bigloo as well as the other schemes that were mentioned: www-sop.inria.fr/indes/fp/Bigloo –  Justin Ethier Jun 7 '13 at 20:44

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You should consider Chicken Scheme, too:

  • Builtin support for cross-compiling applications for embedded targets

And it meets your criteria, take a look at the list of features in the linked page.

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+1, Chicken Scheme has a great community too. –  jozefg Jun 7 '13 at 18:40

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