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I'm about to use one of them and yet i'm very confused.

I don't know the difference. to me, both look the same.

I've passed through this Difference between SlidingPaneLayout and NavigationDrawer

may anyone tell the difference between them??

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This is what the official Navigation Drawer (DrawerLayout) looks like:

enter image description here

And this is what the SlidingPaneLayout looks like:

enter image description here

Both serve different purposes. The DrawerLayout serves as a menu, to put it simple. The SlidingPaneLayout on the other hand is a what you would use, if the content of both your screens would interact with each other. Or to as the documentation puts it:

The SlidingPaneLayout should be thought of only as a way to allow a two-pane layout normally used on larger screens to adapt to smaller screens in a natural way

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What does the new Youtube app use? It slides more easily then tha Nav draw but it doesnt push the content out of the way like SlidingPaneLayout. Im guessing they broke they're own guidelines, again. –  Karl Oct 7 '13 at 13:27
@Karl the youtube app uses the DrawerLayout. They modified it a little bit so it could push away the video preview in the righthand bottom corner, but other than that it's just a DrawerLayout with a semi-transparent background. –  Ahmad Oct 7 '13 at 13:39
I don't think it is. It slides a lot easier than DrawerLayout. It slides from anywhere in the screen, DrawerLayout only from 20dp of the edge. Im looking to get the same slide like in youtube app but only managed an ugly hack of DL so far... –  Karl Oct 7 '13 at 14:29
Left pane ABOVE right pane -> it's a Navigation Drawer. Left pane BELOW right pane -> it's a Sliding Pane Layout. Basically, Google puts the main content on the lower layer (pane that's below). The lower pane has more functionality, as well, such as swipe to archive. (And in fact, the navigation drawer in the Youtube app cannot be open by swiping from any place on the screen, as you are saying, but only from the edge. As of right now at least.) –  Stan Feb 27 at 16:19
Furthermore, if you use fragments for the two "panes" and you have menu items specified, that appear in the ActionBar, the behaviour varies between the two approaches. With the NavigationDrawer the ActionBar only shows items from the currently shown "pane". With the SlidingPaneLayout all menu items (from both fragments) will be shown in the ActionBar, no matter which "pane" is active. –  Stan Feb 27 at 16:25
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