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Good afternoon Can using a library imagemagick apply to image distortion on the mask?

By analogy with this example http://www.imagemagick.org/Usage/mapping/#spherical

I wanted to create the effect of a "fat face" with the help of such distortion. The problem is that this must be individually increase cheeks and chin. I can not understand how to look like a mask distortion in this case.

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did you get the Way ??? If Yes then please help me –  Mrug Jan 27 at 9:35
No, now I just put the experiments. The general feeling that this is what you need. True one distortion does not get a good result. If you look the Fatbooth. When applying Effet on a white sheet shows that the chin is applied individual mask. –  Alix Reinel Jan 27 at 18:53
They actually, applying Distortion separately and then blending with original one.I am also trying for that but in Shepard Distortion i am not getting an Image due to some Coding.So if you find something then please Share it with me stackoverflow.com/questions/20898139/… –  Mrug Jan 28 at 4:43

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I am also wandering for same thing, but i am not able to implement this in iOS. Here i can share my Logic. Go for "ShepardsDistortion" in ImageMagick. This allows you to distort image pixel by pixel, for that you have to first apply Face Detection algorithm.


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