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How can I traverse an ordered list and return the text if I have a scenario where the user can click on a li element like Cat 1-2 and it returns all of the parent li's text into a string or an array. If an array I can reverse the sort but eventually I need it to be a string.


    <li>Cat 1
            <li>Cat 1-1
                    <li>Cat 1-2</li>
    <li>Cat 2
            <li>Cat 2-1
                    <li>Cat 2-2</li>

if clicked on Cat 1-2 the desired result would be: str = "Cat 1/Cat 1-1/Cat 1-2";

if clicked on Cat 2-1 the desired result would be: str = "Cat 2/Cat 2-1";

What I would like to have is checkboxes on this where I could join all the selections into a string hierarchy like: str = "Cat 1/Cat 1-1/Cat 1-2|Cat 2/Cat 2-1";

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Definitely , that is possible. But have you written any code ? –  Sushanth -- Jun 7 '13 at 20:03

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Here; I'll show a down and dirty method to get you rolling, then you can find a better way (maybe using textContent)...

    var parents = $(this).add($(this).parents('li'))
            return $(this).clone().children().remove().end()
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Simple and exactly what I was looking for. Thanks! –  codehuntr Jun 7 '13 at 20:22

I don't know if this is any more efficient than Brad's method, but I started working on this earlier and it bugged me until I had it finished.

jsFiddle example

var ary = [];
$('li').click(function (e) {
    if ($(this).parents('ul').parent('li').length == 0) {
        ary = [];
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