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When I manually add dependencies in the pom.xml of my project, let Maven download the dependencies and let IntelliJ build the module, IntelliJ complains about missing libraries. At the same time Maven can find the dependent JARs and build the project.

How can I tell IntelliJ to use the libs which are downloaded by Maven?

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You don't have to reimport manually each time. You can enable auto-import as documented here. Change this in Settings -> Maven -> Import Maven projects automatically.

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Thanks, this works great. –  Jan H Jun 10 '13 at 7:06

It turns out IntelliJ does not pick up added dependencies from the local Maven repository. We have to tell IntelliJ to reimport the pom.xml.

  1. Open the project view in IntelliJ
  2. Right click the pom.xml file and select Maven - Reimport
  3. If this works for you IntelliJ will add the dependencies to the project
  4. Check the if the dependencies you need are added in
    • File - Project Structure - Project Settings - Libraries
    • and File - Project Structure - Modules - Dependencies
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"Work Offline"

in Settings -> Maven ! It worked for me ! :D

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