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I keep reading about how great this new Canvas element for HTML5 is and I see amazing demos done with just javascript and no flash. Where can I find some good information on how to some of these things myself?

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The specification defines the API and behaviour.

This tutorial should help you get started.

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There's the original Apple tutorial

Also the draft html5 spec

And of course you can (as people have) ask questions about specific features, etc on SO :D

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I've been using this HTML5 Canvas Cheat Sheet, it is thorough and easy to read.

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This page is a 14 part series that shows you how to create a simple platform game using the canvas element.

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Ajaxian has a great collection of articles / posts regarding new Canvas innovations and developments. This can show you what others are already doing.

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This isn't super deep, but it is easy to read and gives great examples:

It is where I got my start (I now have a couple iOS apps out there using js + canvas)

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