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I am using python 2.7, jinja2 and google app engine.

I have a database where one of the entities are string in this form:


I try to figure a query where I will retrieve all the entities where test1 for example are in the string.

I tried the following where tags is the string property:

category = "test1"
mymodel.gql("WHERE tags in :1", category)

I have this error : BadArgumentError: List expected for "IN" filter

I can imagine that this is logical, since my property is string and not list, but how can I change the query to make it work?

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You would have to modify you property to be a StringListProperty rather than string for this to work.

There are not a lot of other choices either. Use FullText Search is or something like WHoosh https://github.com/tallstreet/Whoosh-AppEngine which also does full text search are your other alternatives.

I would personally change it to a StringListProperty.

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As the error indicates, the GQL is expecting a list. Try making category a list:

category = ["test1"]
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Unfortunately that doesn't help. I don't have an error any more, but the query is empty. –  Anastasios Ventouris Jun 7 '13 at 22:24
That's because GQL doesn't perform Full Text searches, see stackoverflow.com/questions/47786/… –  Brent Washburne Jun 7 '13 at 22:48

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