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Very new to rails, so hopefully this is a simple fix. I am trying to set up a link to download a file I store in my website. Here is my download function:


  def download  
    send_file @exam.photo.path, :type => @exam.photo_content_type, :filename => @exam.permalink 

My routes.rb

  resources :exams do
    member do
      get :download

and my view

<%= link_to "Download", download_exam_path(@exam.photo.path) %>

I use paperclip to upload the image. I can display it, but I cannot download. Here is my error:

No route matches [GET] "/exams/Users/R45/Programming/rails_projects/oldV_rails_project/public/system/exams/photos/000/000/016/original/Chapter.jpg/download"

Which seems to "tac-on" /download at the of my image link.

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The route is wrong in your link. Try:

<%= link_to "Download", download_exam_path(@exam) %>

However since the error message suggests the photo of the exam is in the public path, it might be easiest to simply href the photo directly:

<%= link_to "Download", @exam.photo.path %>
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