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I have an store with configurable and associated simple products.

When I sold one simple product Magento is setting the related configurable product to "Out of stock".

I've been googling for hours and I can't find anything related.

Could it be something in the Magento configuration?

Can you please point in the right direction to fix this?

I am using Magento 1.6

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Honestly with Magento there could be any number of things that might trigger this but here are some thoughts.

  • If you have multiple simple products that are associated to this configurable product then double check that each one is set properly in their inventory management sections to be managed by setting the manage stock to yes.
  • Another thing is to check the Stock Availability for each simple product and make sure that it is set to In Stock.
  • Make sure your quantity is set to a higher number than 1 of course.
  • Also check the simple products to make sure that the Qty for Items Status to Become Out of Stock is set to something lower than your available quantity.
  • Check the configurable product to make sure Manage Stock and Stock Availability is also set correctly there.
  • Check to make sure all of your products are associated to the configurable product correctly. More than once that has been an issue I have seen.
  • Check the status of the Stock Status index to make sure it is functioning as intended and no update is required there. If possible I like to make sure all the indexes have been run and the cache is up-to-date as well just to eliminate other random things that tend to get in the way.

I know most of these suggestions are basic but this is where I see the majority of the stock related issues come from.

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would like to add that if using configurable products make sure that all individual products are set to "Main Website" or whatever site you are using, as they seemingly are not by default! This burnt me recently. – Alex Jul 9 '13 at 22:34

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