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I am trying to create a macro/script that allows me to automatically "enemy" any faction that is created. At the moment, the script will check the global chat for anything that matches the string "created a new faction" in alerts.txt and type /f enemy. However, it will not enemy any faction because the actual command requires /f enemy [faction name or player name].

The server will input this chat into global every time a new faction is created:

**[Faction name] [Player name] created a new faction [Faction name]

How do I automatically store the faction name or player name and retrieve it so that it injects that string behind echo(/f enemy); (see scripts below).


echo(/f enemy);


created a new faction

The documentation for this "language" is here http://eq2.co.uk/minecraft/mods/mod_macros_0.8.5_readme.txt


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